FMLA policy on company intranet sufficient notice to employee

In the retaliatory discharge case of Dube v. J.P. Morgan Investor Services, plaintiff Dube alleged, among other things, that he had not been given proper notice of his rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, 29 USCA § 2601 et seq. (“FMLA”). The employer moved for summary judgment. In granting the employer’s motion, the court found that prior to Dube’s period of absence, the company’s human resource policies (including information about the FMLA) had been provided to all employees via the company’s intranet website. The court concluded that the posting on the intranet adequately gave notice to Dube of both his and his employer’s obligations under the FMLA.

Dube v. J.P. Morgan Investor Services, 2005 WL 1140766 (D.Mass., May 13, 2005).