Two must reads: one on net neutrality, the other on Section 230 and Wikipedia

There have been a couple of very interesting articles to appear online in the past few days that I recommend.

Ed Felten has put together a very accessible primer on the technological aspects underlying network neutrality (perhaps more aptly described as network discrimination.) After reading the article, one can see that policymaking concerning the issue is much subtler than it appears at first blush.

Eric Goldman pointed me to a terrific article by Ken Myers called Wikimmunity which is slated to be published in this fall’s Harvard Journal of Law and Technology. Myers provides a detailed roadmap to the conclusion that 47 U.S.C. 230 should permit Wikipedia to escape liability for defamatory content posted by the volunteers who add content to it. It’s a brilliant analysis of Wikipedia’s history, the legislative impulse behind Section 230’s enactment, and the important cases that have applied the law.