Introducing Greg Smith, contributor to

Gregory Smith, a second year law student at Chicago-Kent College of Law, has agreed to be a contributor to Greg has a strong background and interest in both law and technology, which is demonstrated by his creation of the law blog aggregator Juris Novus. He also created the popular bicycling social networking site velospace. Before starting law school, Greg received a bachelor’s degree in network technology from DePaul University. He has worked for the Illinois Attorney General’s High Tech Crimes Bureau as a law clerk, and is an avid bicyclist and gin rummy player.

Greg’s ability and enthusiasm is sure to add to the quality of material you can find at Check out his first contribution — a summary of the recent case of Dedvukaj v. Maloney.

Contact Greg by e-mail at greg [at] metanovus dot com.

And by the way, I’ve given myself a bit of a promotion as well. I will now call myself the “Editor & Publisher” of this site.