users: I’d like your help


On February 23, I’m speaking at a seminar hosted by the John Marshall Law School here in Chicago on the topic of copyright law and online video sharing sites (like YouTube). [More info on this seminar]

There is a lot going on with these kinds of sites lately, and it’s hard to keep up with all the developments. But I’d like to give a presentation that is up-to-date and thorough. And I’m asking for your help with that.

If you’re a user, from now until February 23, if you come across any interesting news story or blog post about YouTube, Revver, Grouper, Veoh, or any other video sharing site, would you kindly tag it with “icyoutube“? (The ic stands for Internet Cases.)

And by the way, if don’t use, why on earth not? For more information, read this classic exposition on the virtues of the king of all social bookmarking sites.

This collaboration thing could be pretty useful. Thanks for your help.