1. Terry

    This from another publication:

    Mark Ling, a spokesman for Rocket Languages, said the company prohibits its marketing affiliates from using competitors' search terms in keyword advertising, and has tried to stop them from doing so but has not always been successful.

    "It is against our terms and conditions of our affiliate program for them to bid on competitors trademarked search phrases," Ling said in an e-mail message.

    Hesaid Google has a method by which owners of trademarked terms can stop competitors from buying those terms as keywords, but that Rosetta has refused to employ that procedure.

    Ling also pointed out that Internet users who search for "Rocket Languages" and related terms see ads for Rosetta's products, because Rosetta marketing affiliates bid on Rocket's trademarks in the same way that some Rocket affiliates bid on Rosetta's marks.

  2. Apparently, Rosetta is asking for it if they refuse to employ the procedure to protect their keywords.

    Should have thought about that in the first place. This fight seems petty.

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