1. Chris Schneider

    As an archaic non-facebook user, I wonder about the significance of this phrase from the above quoted TOS:

    Any User Content you …"subject only to your privacy settings…"

    If only specific friends are allowed to view content wouldn't that limit FB's all-your-work-are-belong-to-us license?

  2. Good observation Chris. I read this "subject only to your privacy settings" to be a limitation on the copyright license FB claims, not a limitation on the right of FB to exploit your right of publicity. Moreover, who's to say that when you delete your account, there won't be any privacy settings anymore, so FB is free then to use your copyright-protected content in any way it wants?

  3. I read through the terms quickly and came to the same head-scratching conclusion you guys did. I think the terms could / should be clearer on this point.

    Zuckerberg made public statements to the effect that the privacy settings operate as a limit but it's not clear the limit applies to the content or the personality rights.

  4. I agree with Venkat – your conclusion and head-scratching is right on. Didn't FB learn something with the Beacon debacle? While I think FB has some really fun and useful qualities, the privacy issues always have concerned me and knowing they can and will change their terms on a dime, is even more concerning.

    I wonder how many users feel helpless because they know if they delete their accounts they will lose all that history and work they put into creating essentially a journal of their activities, messages, and photos? Maybe a crafty developer out there needs to create an app that will (with the user's permission) pull a user's content off of FB so the user can save it in the event the user decides to delete her account… If such a tool/app existed, FB might be more careful about how it treats user content knowing that its users have a readily available option of leaving FB without losing all their work.

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