1. It's unbelievable to me that an adult woman would stoop to that level of behavior. It's even more incomprehensible that a teenage girl should kill herself over an internet relationship. But that the mother was being held legally responsible for that girl's death was just plain silly. I don't know how or why prosecutors thought they had a case.

  2. drake

    Sad. Hope she burns in hell, living vicariously through her daughter is pitiful. Maybe there is a god who will look her in the eyes and laugh as she is sent to everlasting damnation for her clear cruelty. Enjoy a childs death on your mind.

  3. I am sure the outcome would have been much different if Megan Meier would have known that is wasn't really "Josh", but a 40 something woman writing those notes. And Lori Drew would likely not have even written those notes if she knew she would be identified. When will Internet service providers adopt technology that identifies the physical person logging in? Let's empower the community to police itself.

  4. The decision is incorrect. The reason the anonymity of the internet gives people boldness to do things that they would not do in person. When an adult can conduct themselves in such a way that is designed to ‘hurt’ a child a child is unforgivable.

  5. It is very hard to believe that how relationships are getting damaged with such an ugly behavior. I personally feel that jury must punish such people so that no other person can do such things.

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