1. Gabriella

    Gez! Talk about a waste of taxpayer money all around. So WHAT if he was drinking and on the internet! Those two things should not be part of anyones probation unless the internet involves child-molestation. As for the drinking a beer part of probation, beer is LEGAL. You can not make it illegal for LIFE for 1 person.

    And people wonder why our country is falling apart, its total lack of common sense and the wise use of our money in situations like this.

    I admit, I dont know the facts of his probation, and would love to know those facts, but from this article …… just wow.

  2. We are at the point in our culture where no one is allowed to drink, smoke, burp, party or do anything else where a camera is present. It's unbelievable.

  3. jonst

    do you have a cite for this case? Or, at minimum, can you provide the jurisdiction that it took place in?

  4. Folks the probation restrictions on this guy were specfic to him. He was more then likely a sex offender…particulary since he was placed on life time supervision. The no alcohol condition is probally because he has a substance abuse problem. Additionally, is is not allowed on the Internet a computer…probally due to his offense involved child porn or child exploitation. Would you rather have in allowed to drink and party like a fool and hurt some kid? I got this from reading the post… Kudos to the officer that caught him before he hurt someone!

  5. Rafael Werlang

    Okay agreed with Art, BUT, bottomline is… a man is going to get TEN YEARS in jail for drinking a beer and using internet?!?!?! US laws are way too hard. Seriously. Taking away some of his money as a punishment would be better. Even one day in jail would be too much. Can you imagine yourself just ONE entire day in jail with those freak people?

  6. Robert

    No, he is going to get 10 years because he can't keep his word when he agrees not to do certain things which was likely agreed to in order for him to avoid additional jail time. Folks, you don't go on probation unless the alternative is jail, so if you can't accept the probation you should be in jail.

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