1. its not good to be rude.

    support is a very important factor in web hosting. good quality support is a blessing for customers. I like shopaserver.com support , they use to mail properly , take action by time. like them allot

  2. I've never seen a clause like that in a service agreement, but I'm very happy to know that it's out there! People need to know that it's never okay to be that rude. Even if you're paying for something, which this guy wasn't.

  3. “I’ve never seen a clause like that in any user agreement.”

    It’s not all that uncommon. Personally, I don’t even see it as an absolutely necessary clause. Verbal abuse is just as good as physical abuse. I don’t see why an employee would have to put up with either. After all, one can choose his customers too. Just don’t be a Soup Nazi. 😛

    Not only that, he threatened to sue, which for me would be reason enough to stop communication and let lawyers do the talking. 🙂

  4. There are lots of little clauses in the standard AUP that companies have. Very few people actually read them but you can agree lots of them in a hell of a lot of ways.

  5. Working for several years in live chat support team for one well-known web hosting provider I never appreciated rude customers and the way they talked to support member. Nevertheless we never terminated their account due to their rude behavior. We always tried the best to solve their problems and satisfy each customer.

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