1. jhn

    Hey Evan, is 1800 Contacts really analogous? That case is about what constitutes “use” of what is undoubtedly trademarked, as opposed to trademarkability.

  2. prowse

    Although not a trademark issue, two or more companies using exactly the same file extension can be problematic at best and tragic at worst. Microsoft for decades has been trying to curate a registry (if you will) of file extensions used in programs across the world in just so that there would be no confusion. There are programs (particularly from German and Polish programmers, no on knows exactly why) that do use the same file extension, programs that have no similarity to each other. IOW, .DWG of one company tha makes drawings for architectural uses and another that calculates weights and measures – completely different companies for sure, but the latter German company could care less about what Microsoft is trying to avoid (in the curating of these extensions).
    The irony here is; PCs and MACs allow the use of file extensions so that .dwg, .DWG, Dwg, dWg, dwG, etc (you get the idea?) are ALL DIFFERENT EXTENSIONS TO THE OS! Problem solved? Can we go home now? Share and share “alike”?

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