1. Yelp is a powerful tool. I don't think these lawsuits will go away. I have many great reviews on yelp as does my salon. Believe me when I tell you we work really hard on maintaining our image on Yelp.

    There are times when reviews are left that I wish people would let us know directly. As much as I love yelp, it does not hold the reviewer accountable for the comments left. Some are hateful, mean and downright untrue. I would like to hear the negative stuff directly so I can do something about it. Once it's posted and it follows the guidelines, it stays. Forever.

    I have received over 45 5 star reviews. I have also received several 1 star reviews. They were treated in the same manner as the 5 stars. Just a classic example of not being able to please everyone.

    All in all I love Yelp. It really keeps us on our toes and informed on what we are doing right and most def what we are doing wrong.

    At the end of the day, don't sweat the small stuff. Look at ways to improve your customer service. People just want to be heard. Yelp gives you the ability to respond back to a review privately and publicly.

    I make it a point to respond to my customers. Just a quick thank your or hey, we will work on that. I never ever ever argue with customers. They are entitled to their opinion even if its wrong! 🙂

    check us out at http://www.thebeautyboxsalon.com or yelp us in Dallas under Christopher Box and The Beauty Box

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