1. An interesting decision, but not surprising.

    On the one hand, unmasking anonymous Does in copyright infringement cases really doesn't implicate First Amendment protected speech. Unmasking Does in various suits complaining about online comments definitely implicates free speech rights.

    What I wonder is whether the plaintiffs are going to find themselves in an RIAA-like situation, suing grandmothers and other non-tech-savvy people whose computers might have been used by a visitor in the home.

    It will be fun to watch this area of the law develop. Hopefully the courts will continue to balance the interests of people who may not be represented at the early stage of litigation.

  2. R*** P***

    I received one of these notices. I live in Annapolis, MD and the plantiff is located in DC and is asking us to go to DC (1hr away). Not sure if that matters or not, but does anyone have an opinion on how to proceed here? Do I try to get my name quashed from the record or deal with any next steps if and when they come – basically when Comcast supplies the information that is being asked.
    I fully understand that any reply is NOT to be used as legal advice and it is SOLELY an opinion of a peer.
    Thanks for any opinion.
    R*** P***

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