1. Rick

    How is personal jurisdiction proper in ND IL for those who aren't in IL? Not to mention venue…

    Even if the infringing acts "took place" in IL, a defendant surely wouldn't know or have any reason to foresee that the alleged infringement would happen in IL, a requisite under Calder and Asahi. Are Courts holding differently for these bit-torrent cases?

  2. Andy

    So if a law firm is requesting personal information from an ISP, does that mean they are most definitely ready to sue the John Doe?

  3. Steve

    Like the others, I really appreciate your posts, Rick.

    I downloaded the complaint in MCGIP, LLC v. Does 1-1,164, No. 10-7675, using the link you provided, but the document does not include 'Exhibit A', as described in the complaint. Is it possible to download the exhibits to court documents such as these?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  4. Jim


    Great blog! Any updates regarding his other lawsuits? I read that some have been voluntarily dismissed and that others were dismissed by the presiding Judge.

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