1. Mike P

    After all the news coverage with Dupree and Spitzer, she's worried about tarnished Google results with Girls Gone Wild?

  2. AguaEnRodilla

    @Mike P,

    It’s not Ashley Dupre that’s worried. The plaintiff in this case is Amber Arpaio. It appears that Dupre was using Arpaio’s identity when she participated in the production of a salacious video. Apparently, the video was then released by Joseph Francis in response to a suit brought by Dupre. Arpaio subsequently sued both Francis and Dupre over the release of this video.

    I read this article over a number of times and still couldn’t make sense of who was suing who over what and who was awarded what. It was only after clicking on the link at the top of the article and reading the actual suit that I could make sense of the article.

  3. Bobbie Roberts

    I infer that Arpaio is actually Arpaio, and not a 17-year-old-Dupre, as the document implies.

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