I have joined InfoLawGroup LLP

Today is my first day as Senior Counsel with InfoLawGroup LLP. I could not be more thrilled about this terrific development in my career. ILG is an awesome firm of very smart attorneys, and I cannot wait to provide services to my clients from this great platform.

My practice will continue to focus on technology and intellectual property law — copyright, trademark, content and technology development, licensing, privacy, domain names, the DMCA, and many other important issues that businesses and individuals face on the web and in the mobile space.

I will continue to post here at internetcases, but I expect that the nature and frequency of the content may change. A lot of my blogging and social media efforts will be directed at content published at infolawgroup.com and through the firm’s other social media. (Be sure to follow InfoLawGroup on Twitter.)

And I’ll still co-host This WEEK in LAW every Friday.

I’m grateful to my former colleagues at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP whom I bade adieu yesterday. Hinshaw is a very good firm, and I respect and admire the folks I worked with there. During my departure everyone was very gracious, acknowledging that InfoLawGroup is a better fit for my clients’ needs and for the way that I practice law.

Most of all I’m grateful to my wife and to others in my family who are providing me with all types of support without which I wouldn’t have the wherewithal to strike out on this path.

And thank you, dear reader, for enjoying internetcases. I’ll look forward to bringing you along in this next chapter.

7 thoughts on “I have joined InfoLawGroup LLP

  1. Bill Wilson

    Evan, from South Bend to Chicago I send my heartiest congratulations. I’m fortunate to work with a group of smart attorneys, and I often wonder how I got here. I hope your experience is as great as mine has been.

    If you ever find yourself in South Bend, I’d love to buy you lunch or a beer. Or if you even need a conference room for a deposition, just let me know.

  2. Dave Dyk

    Congratulations Evan. I began following your blog because of your work on TWiL. And I’ve also followed several of your new colleagues at InfoLawGroup because they too have been a great resource for security & privacy professionals. Best of luck to you as you continue practicing law with your new firm.

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