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  1. Marissa Davidson-Predom

    I think this case is really just a childish immature dispute between Micron and the University of Illinois. If I was a university employee I do think I would be hurt by Micron sending out the harsh email they sent to professors. To say that due to the lawsuit between the two that Micron will then not allow employment to university students is just childish, and not fair to those students. I mean I don’t agree with Micron doing this to the students, however, I do in a way understand why they are doing this. If you are in a lawsuit with someone, why would you want to be accepting and helpful to your opponent? So I do see both sides of the argument. However, within this case I do think the courts were right to agree that the statement wasn’t necessarily harassing. I do believe harassing is more crossing the line rude. Whereas the Micron statement is just more childish in that they don’t want to be civil with the University. Also, I do agree with the courts that it would possibly violate Micron’s first amendment rights concerning prior restraint. I think this case is very tricky in aspects. Yes they are against each other Micron and the University, but I personally think it is more of a battle between the two that shouldn’t have ever reached the court system.

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