Court finds CAPTCHA likely protectible under DMCA

Ticketmaster L.L.C. v. RMG Technologies, Inc., — F.Supp.2d —-, 2007 WL 2988403 (C. D. Cal. Oct. 15, 2007) RMG Technologies developed an application that allowed its users to automatically access to search for tickets and buy them up by the dozens. Ticketmaster sued RMG, alleging, among other things, copyright infringement, breach of contract, and … [Read more…]

Hefty award to Sony in action against seller of PlayStation 2 “mod chips”

Court awards over $6 million in DMCA statutory damages Defendant Filipiak ran an online business that sold, among other things, “mod chips” that allowed Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles to play copied games. Sony filed suit against Filipiak under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), which makes it illegal to sell any device that … [Read more…]