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Enjoy This Week in Law Episode 247

In addition to blogging here at internetcases I am a co-host of the TWiT Network’s weekly show This Week in Law. This past week my co-host Denise Howell was out, so I held the reins, talking with panelists Spencer Waller, Ryan Radia and Lisa Borodkin. We really got into some of the nuances of the Comcast/Time Warner deal, and also talked about privacy (including the recent decision from the Massachusetts Supreme Court about cell site location information), trademark law, terms of service, and mobile devices on aircraft. Episode 247 is embedded below. I hope you’ll tune in each week to hear us discuss the most recent developments in law and technology.

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Video of This Week in Law Episode 61

Most Friday afternoons you can find me on This Week in Law. We record at 1pm Central and the video is available live here, archived here, and audio is available here. This past week was lots of fun talking with Fred von Lohmann from the EFF. Host Denise Howell always does a great job, and I also enjoyed talking with guest Jeff Richardson. Hope you’ll tune in from time to time.

Internet Cases Podcast #25

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This episode is the return of the Internet Cases Podcast after a one year sabbatical. I talk about the practicalities of video-sharing sites’ use of “fingerprinting software” to filter out content that may infringe copyright. A mechanism to automatically filter out infringing content would, naturally, cut down on the number of infringing works online and would alleviate the burden of video-sharing sites in complying with massive DMCA takedown notices.

Thanks to Kris Smith for the new audio equipment.

Room 214 is doing some great things with podcasting.

Thanks to Blandy who created the music you hear in the show, and who made it available under a Creative Commons license.

Colette Vogele on Podcast 411

Colette Vogele, a talented San Francisco lawyer and expert on all things legal as they relate to podcasting, was recently interviewed on Podcast 411. [

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(about 27 MB)] She covers some interesting topics such as obtaining releases from podcast guests, copyright issues relating to Creative Commons, and some of the intricacies of music licensing.

We also learn from the interview that Colette will soon be launching her own podcast called Rules For the Revolution. I’m looking forward to that.

A must read: The Podcasting Legal Guide

The long-anticipated Podcasting Legal Guide is now available. Written by Colette Vogele and Mia Garlick, it lives up to its stated purpose of “[providing] you with a general roadmap of some of the legal issues specific to podcasting.” It is very interesting to see such a well thought out application of traditional legal principles to the brand new and untested issues that arise from podcasting.

What’s more, the PLG has been released under a Creative Commons license. What else would one expect from such forward-thinking authors? I enjoyed meeting Mia at last week’s Blog Law and Blogging for Lawyers Seminar, and have worked with Colette as opposing counsel in a rare matter dealing with podcasting. I assure you, they know what they’re talking about. Podcast — February 13, 2006

Do websites have to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act?

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This edition of the Podcast addresses the recent case filed against Target Corporation, alleging that the website violates a California state law modeled after the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Running time: 6 min. 9 sec.
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Cyberlaw Central (mentioned in the podcast)

Music courtesy of Blandy under a Creative Commons license.

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Technorati: Podcast — December 7, 2005

Legal issues relating to “RSS hijacking”

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This edition of the Podcast deals with the technological and legal issues relating to the recent phenomenon known as “RSS hijacking” or “podjacking.” I talked with Rick Klau, Vice President of Business Development of Feedburner about what RSS hijacking is, and what can be done about it. I then talked with Chicago attorney Kevin Thompson, who has written about RSS feed hijacking on his weblog Cyberlaw Central, and asked him to comment on the possible legal causes of action a victim of RSS hijacking might have in a potential lawsuit.

Running time: 15 min. 35 sec.
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Music courtesy of Blandy under a Creative Commons license.

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