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Enjoy This Week in Law Episode 247

In addition to blogging here at internetcases I am a co-host of the TWiT Network’s weekly show This Week in Law. This past week my co-host Denise Howell was out, so I held the reins, talking with panelists Spencer Waller, Ryan Radia and Lisa Borodkin. We really got into some of the nuances of the Comcast/Time Warner deal, and also talked about privacy (including the recent decision from the Massachusetts Supreme Court about cell site location information), trademark law, terms of service, and mobile devices on aircraft. Episode 247 is embedded below. I hope you’ll tune in each week to hear us discuss the most recent developments in law and technology.

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FourCast 112: The Nanobots Made My Brain Do It

A little bit off topic — hope you don’t mind…

I had a great time being on FourCast yesterday (video embedded below) with hosts Tom Merrit and Scott Johnson, and with Shannon Morse. We talked about encountering rogue planets with subterranean life, nanobots affecting thoughts and feelings, and heads up displays that keep you from getting lost in your car.